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About Us

Our Story

The story of Hortobágy Angus begins with our two families coming together to create an outstanding quality Angus herd.  We raise our livestock in the Hortobágy National Park away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.  We have been involved in animal husbandry for over two decades and as owners, our families live and work side by side with each other and our animals every day.  It’s not just a job, for us, its a way of life.  We believe that premium quality beef raised on domestic farms should be widely available on the Hungarian market. 

In fact, we run our business to reflect this goal — to put the highest quality Angus on your table, without compromise.

Our name means quality!

Dr. Peter Kun

Zoltan Kircsi

Our Mission

Hortobágy Angus® Beef

Our mission is to put the best quality beef that can be found in Europe, and world-wide, on your table.  In keeping with Certified Angus Beef’s quality standards and in addition to the Natural Beef Program’s, we only use feed that has not been fermented and is GMO and soy free.  Our premium quality is ensured by the combination of selective genetic breeding, high quality feed and a uniquely humane and stress-free approach to keeping, handling and cutting.  As the cattle of Hortobágy Angus are born and raised here at home, our ecological footprint is minimal.  Our cattle can roam freely, transforming the healing herbs of the ancients grasslands of the Hortobágy into nutritious, healthy beef.  

These foundations yield a result we have been proud of since our beginnings and that we continuously strive to maintain: CONSTANT QUALITY.  

Our Principles

And How We Uphold Them

We own this goal of constant quality as we own the land and the animals we raise on it.  We are not merely managers but owners who believe that what we have built over two decades can only be enriched and developed if we continue to live it everyday.

Strictly Non-GMO Feeds

Although genetically modified crop production is prohibited in Hungary, sometimes GMO materials still show up in feeds. We have zero tolerance for the presence of genetically modified materials in our cattle’s feed
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Only Our Own Stock

We document the lineage, genetics and growth of all our cattle — the only meat that is used in our quality Hortobágy Angus products. We stand behind our good name and guarantee our customers constant quality.

No Hormone Treatments

As owners, we reject the use of hormones and consistently raise all our cattle without hormones or yield-enhancing drug treatments

Minimum Slaughter Age of 22-24 Months

Our animals never go to the slaughterhouse before they reach the age of 22-24 months. Although the right slaughter weight can be reached up to 6 months earlier, the meat of young cattle still contains an abundance of water and it is only with age that the meat will mature to a juicier and more nicely marbled consistency. Quality comes at a price and it is a price we are willing to pay.

No Fermented Feed

We never give our cattle fermented feed. We use only our own home-grown hay, alfalfa and grains, as fermented feeds can adversely affect the flavour and quality of the meat.

Stress-Free Handling of Animals

Throughout their time with us, our animals live freely in spacious pastures. We continually place a great emphasis on stress and cruelty free handling, housing, transport and slaughter. This humane approach to animal husbandry is our hallmark, as excessive adrenalin produced in cattle during periods of stress degrades the quality of the meat. We even use PH measurements to confirm our stress-free slaughtering methods.

Our Products

  • Matured Meats

    Steak and barbecue meats, butchered American style, wet or dry aged. Depending on the cut, meats are typically aged 21-42 days wet or up to 100 days dry for some specialty cuts

  • Partially Processed Products

    Our signature product, the Hortobágy Angus hamburger patty, is made with choice cuts of neck, brisket, comb and side. They are always manufactured for top-quality and without the addition of kidney fat. They are available in various sizes, both fresh and frozen. In addition, we make meatballs, beef tartar base as well as a variety of limited edition specialties.

  • Processed Products

    Hortobágy Angus also produces a wide range of processed Angus meat products using only top quality raw materials, including weiners, grilling and dry sausages, salamis and even cured, dry beef (bresaola).

  • Quartered Beef

    There are also opportunities for butchers or restaurants to secure beef quarters. After the initial quartering of your premium Angus beef we can customize your further butchering and curing needs according to your preferences. Raw materials can also be resold to further buyers at the best price.

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